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  1. Fabian Coupette, Tanja Schilling
    Universal Approach to Critical Percolation

Published Articles

  1. Fabian Koch, Suvendu Mandal, Tanja Schilling
    Analysis of the Dynamics in Linear Chain Models by means of Generalized Langevin Equations
    Journal of Statistical Physics 191 57 (2024)
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  2. Anja Seegebrecht, Tanja Schilling
    Work, Heat and Internal Energy in Open Quantum Systems: A Comparison of Four Approaches from the Autonomous System Framework
    Journal of Statistical Physics 191 34 (2024)

  3. Sebastian Milster, Fabian Koch, Christoph Widder, Tanja Schilling, Joachim Dzubiella
    Tracer dynamics in polymer networks: generalized Langevin description
    Journal of Chemical Physics 160, 094901 (2024)

  4. Fabian Koch, Jona Erle, Tanja Schilling
    The non-equilibrium solvent response force: What happens if you push a Brownian particle
    Physical Review Research 6, L012032 (2024)

  5. Philipp Elsässer, Tanja Schilling
    Optimizing the Structure of Acene Clusters
    Journal of Chemical Physics 158, 124303 (2023)

  6. Christoph Widder, Fabian Glatzel and Tanja Schilling
    Generalized Langevin dynamics simulation with non-stationary memory kernels: How to make noise
    Journal of Chemical Physics 157, 194107 (2022)

    The code presented in this article has been published as
    C. Widder and T. Schilling (2022)
    "TanjaSchilling/LangevinSimulator: LangevinSimulator 1.0 (v1.0)".
    It can be down loaded from GitHub

  7. Tanja Schilling
    Coarse-grained modelling out of equilibrium
    Physics Reports 972, 1-45 (2022)

  8. Wilkin Wöhler, Tanja Schilling,
    Hard sphere crystal nucleation rates: Reconciliation of simulation and experiment
    Physical Review Letters 128, 238001 (2022)

  9. Joeri Opdam, Poshika Gandhi, Anja Kuhnhold, Tanja Schilling and Remco Tuinier
    Excluded volume interactions and phase stability in mixtures of hard spheres and hard rods
    Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 24, 11820 (2022)

  10. Fabian Coupette and Tanja Schilling,
    Exactly solvable percolation problems
    Physical Review E 105, 044108 (2022) Editor's Suggestion

  11. Fabian Glatzel and Tanja Schilling,
    The Interplay between Memory and Potentials of Mean Force: A Discussion on the Structure of Equations of Motion for Coarse Grained Observables
    Europhysics Letters 136 36001 (2021)

  12. Christoph Widder, Tanja Schilling,
    Generating functions for message-passing on weighted networks: directed bond percolation and SIR epidemics
    Physical Review E 104, 054305 (2021)

  13. Fabian Coupette, Long Zhang, Bjoern Kuttich, Andrei Chumakov, Stephan Roth, Lola Gonzalez-Garcia, Tobias Kraus and Tanja Schilling,
    Percolation of rigid fractal carbon black aggregates
    Journal of Chemical Physics 155,124902 (2021)

  14. Fabian Glatzel, Tanja Schilling,
    Comments on the validity of the non-stationary Generalized Langevin Equation as a coarse-grained evolution equation for microscopic stochastic dynamics
    Journal of Chemical Physics 154, 174101 (2021)

  15. Fabian Coupette, Rene de Bruijn, Petrus Bult, Shari Finner, Mark A. Miller, Paul van der Schoot, Tanja Schilling,
    Nearest-neighbor connectedness theory: A general approach to continuum percolation
    Physical Review E 103, 042115 (2021)

  16. Hugues Meyer, Fabian Glatzel, Wilkin Wöhler, and Tanja Schilling,
    Evaluation of memory effects at phase transitions and during relaxation processes
    Physical Review E 103, 022102 (2021)

  17. Hugues Meyer, Steffen Wolf, Gerhard Stock, Tanja Schilling,
    A numerical procedure to evaluate memory effects in non-equilibrium coarse-grained models
    Advanced Theory and Simulations 2000197 (2020)

  18. Moritz Bültmann, Tanja Schilling
    Computation of the solid-liquid interfacial free energy in hard spheres by means of thermodynamic integration
    Physical Review E 102, 042123(2020)

  19. Fabian Coupette, Andreas Härtel, Tanja Schilling
    Continuum percolation expressed in terms of density distributions
    Physical Review E 101, 062126 (2020)

  20. Zanjani, A., Reynolds, N.P., Zhang, A., Schilling, T., Mezzenga, R. Berryman, J.T.,
    Amyloid Evolution: Antiparallel Replaced by Parallel
    Biophysical Journal 118, 2526-2536 (2020)

  21. Arshia Atashpendar, Tim Ingenbrand, Tanja Schilling
    Shape, connectedness percolation and electrical conductivity of clusters in suspensions of hard platelets
    Physical Review E 101, 032706 (2020)

  22. Graziano Amati, Tanja Schilling
    Temperature-driven localization in the Classical and Quantum Fermi-Pasta-Ulam Model
    Chaos 30, 033116 (2020)

  23. H. Meyer, P. Pelagejcev, T. Schilling
    Non-Markovian out-of-equilibrium dynamics:
    A general numerical procedure to construct time-dependent memory kernels for coarse-grained observables

    Europhysics Letters 128, 40001 (2019)

  24. S. P. Finner, A. Atashpendar, T. Schilling, P. van der Schoot
    Unusual geometric percolation of hard nanorods in the uniaxial nematic liquid crystalline phase
    Phys. Rev. E 100, 062129 (2019)

  25. A. Zanjani, N. P. Reynolds, A. Zhang, T. Schilling, R. Mezzenga, J. T. Berryman
    Kinetic Control of Parallel versus Antiparallel Amyloid Aggregation via Shape of the Growing Aggregate
    Nature Scientific Reports 9, 15987 (2019)

  26. A. Kuhnhold, H. Meyer, G. Amati, P. Pelagejcev, T. Schilling
    Derivation of an exact, nonequilibrium framework for nucleation: Nucleation is a priori neither diffusive nor Markovian
    Phys. Rev. E 100, 052140 (2019)

  27. C. Widder, T. Schilling
    High density percolation on the modified Bethe Lattice
    Physical Review E 99, 052109 (2019)

  28. H. Meyer, Th. Voigtmann, T. Schilling
    On the dynamics of reaction coordinates in classical, time-dependent, many-body processes
    Journal of Chemical Physics 150, 174118 (2019)

  29. S. P. Finner, T. Schilling, and P. van der Schoot
    Connectivity, not density, dictates percolation in nematic liquid crystals of slender nanoparticles
    Phys. Rev. Lett. 122, 097801 (2019)

  30. G. Amati, H. Meyer, T. Schilling
    Memory effects in the Fermi-Pasta-Ulam Model
    Journal of Statistical Physics 174, 219 (2019)

  31. A. Atashpendar, S. Arora, A. D. Rahm, T. Schilling
    Simulation study of the electrical tunneling network conductivity of suspensions of hard spherocylinders
    Physical Review E 98, 062611 (2018)

  32. M. Mravlak, T. Schilling
    Equilibrium phase diagram of Mackay icosahedra
    J. Chem. Phys. 149, 134502 (2018)

  33. M. Dixit, T. Schilling and M. Oettel
    Growth of films with anisotropic particles: Simulations and rate equations
    J. Chem. Phys. 149, 064903 (2018)

  34. A. Kuhnhold, S. M. Giesen, T. Schilling
    Compression of a suspension of helical Yukawa rods
    Molecular Physics (2018)

  35. T. Schilling, Th. Voigtmann
    Clearing out a maze: The hungry random walker and its anomalous diffusion
    J. Chem. Phys. 147, 214905 (2017)

  36. H. Meyer, Th. Voigtmann, T. Schilling
    On the non-stationary Generalized Langevin Equation
    J. Chem. Phys. 147, 214110 (2017)

  37. S. Heymans, T. Schilling
    Elastic properties of the nematic phase in hard ellipsoids of short aspect ratio
    Physical Review E 96(2) 022708 (2017)

  38. M. Klopotek, H. Hansen-Goos, M. Dixit, T. Schilling. F. Schreiber, M. Oettel
    Monolayers of hard rods on planar substrates. II. Growth
    Journal of Chemical Physics 146 084903 (2017)

  39. A. Atashpendar, T. Schilling, Th. Voigtmann
    Sequencing Chess
    Europhys. Lett. 116 10009 (2016)

  40. A. Kuhnhold, T. Schilling
    Isotropic-nematic transition and cholesteric phases of helical Yukawa rods
    J. Chem. Phys. 145, 194904 (2016)

  41. J. R. Bruckner, A. Kuhnhold, C. Honorato-Rios, T. Schilling, J. P. F. Lagerwall
    Enhancing Self-Assembly in Cellulose Nanocrystal Suspensions Using High-Permittivity Solvents
    Langmuir 32 (38), pp 9854-9862 (2016)

  42. M. Oettel, M. Klopotek, M. Dixit, E. Empting, T. Schilling, H. Hansen-Goos
    Monolayers of hard rods on planar substrates: I. Equilibrium
    J. Chem. Phys. 145, 074902 (2016)

  43. M. Mravlak, T. Kister, T. Kraus, T. Schilling
    Structure diagram of binary Lennard-Jones clusters
    J. Chem. Phys. 145, 024302 (2016)

  44. T. Kister, M. Mravlak, T. Schilling, T. Kraus,
    Pressure-controlled self-assembly of crystalline, Janus, and core-shell supraparticles
    Nanoscale 8, 13377-13384 (2016)

  45. J. Berryman, M. Anwar, S. Dorosz, T. Schilling
    The Early Crystal Nucleation Process in Hard Spheres shows Synchronised Ordering and Densification
    J. Chem. Phys. 145, 211901 (2016)

  46. C. Honorato Rios, A. Kuhnhold, J. Bruckner, R. Dannert, T. Schilling, J. Lagerwall
    Equilibrium Liquid Crystal Phase Diagrams and Detection of Kinetic Arrest in Cellulose Nanocrystal Suspensions
    Frontiers in Materials 3, 21 (2016)

  47. A. P. Cohen, S. Dorosz, A. B. Schofield, T. Schilling, and E. Sloutskin
    Structural transition in a fluid of spheroids: a low-density vestige of jamming
    Phys. Rev. Letters 116, 098001 (2016)

  48. S. Dorosz, Th. Voigtmann, T. Schilling
    Dissipation in a Crystallization Process
    Europhys Lett. 113, 10004 (2016)

  49. M. Dixit, H. Meyer, T. Schilling,
    Connectivity Percolation in Suspensions of Attractive Square-Well Spherocylinders
    Physical Review E 93, 012116, arXiv:1510.03326 (2016)

  50. J. Yuan, A. Luna, W. Neri, C. Zakri, T. Schilling, A. Colin, P. Poulin,
    Graphene Liquid Crystal Retarded Percolation for New High-k Materials
    Nature Communications 6, 8700, doi:10.1038/ncomms9700 (2015)

  51. M. Anwar, T. Schilling,
    Crystallization of Polyethylene: A Molecular Dynamics Simulation Study of the Nucleation and Growth Mechanisms
    Polymer 76, 307-312 (2015)

  52. T. Schilling, M. A. Miller and P. van der Schoot
    Percolation in suspensions of hard nanoparticles: From spheres to needles
    Europhys. Lett. 111, 56004 (2015)

  53. Hugues Meyer, Paul van der Schoot, Tanja Schilling
    Percolation in suspensions of polydisperse hard rods : quasi-universality and finite-size effects
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    Non-universal Voronoi cell shapes in amorphous ellipsoid packs
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    Solvent hydrodynamics speed up crystal nucleation in suspensions of hard spheres
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  59. Sven Dorosz and Tanja Schilling,
    Influence of random pinning on the crystallization process in suspensions of hard spheres
    Journal of Crystallization Process and Technology 4 (2), April 2014,
    DOI: 10.4236/jcpt.2014.42012

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Articles in books and others

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    Universality in Self-Assembly Processes
    Inference 6.3 (2021)

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